Unstoppable Confidence Week 5

Hey Athletes-

At times it can feel like not having much confidence isn’t really a big deal. We all get insecure right? So, what’s the big deal?

Here’s the big deal: Anxiety, stress, and self-doubt are holding you back from being the athlete of your dreams. I know because I have been where you are, and now I’ve experienced the other side.

Athletes are prepared to be anxious and insecure and to doubt themselves or questions themselves constantly. Eventually, it seems normal– all around us are better, stronger, faster, more flexible or more capable athletes who also have many self-doubts and never feel good enough. We begin to believe this is just how every athlete is supposed to feel and we choose to white-knuckle through our doubts every day at practice…then collapse at the end of practice on our beds at night to numb out with social media, texting, Netflix, or whatever else helps you forget about all the pressure at the workout.

What if getting through every practice wasn’t an exhausting routine of self- critical thoughts, anxiety, doubt and shame? This is exactly what I want you to imagine for this week’s challenge.


  1. Write about what your dream athletic life would look like. Maybe consider answering the following questions to help you:
    1. Where do you workout?
    2. What kind of coach and teammate relationships do you have?
    3. What kind of event do you enjoy performing the most? What does it feel like to excel on that event?
    4. What do you do in your free time?
    5. How do you feel about yourself?
    6. What is your self-talk like?
  2.   Take a look at your dream athletic life. What do you think would need to change from your current situation to get there? How would self-confidence impact that process? How would increasing your self-confidence help you get your dream?


Pick one thing from your dream life. Come up with a plan to start moving towards that dream. What are the next three doable actions you’d need to take?

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Have a Flippin’ Awesome Day,


Amy Twiggs

Sports Performance & Life Coach

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