Unstoppable Confidence Week 4

Hey Athletes,

We have spent a couple days challenging your thoughts. You might feel a bit overwhelmed or frustrated– but hopefully, also a little empowered and enlightened. Our thoughts are the most important piece of the puzzle. But, if you just sit and ‘think’ about your life, then you definitely won’t get any results that you are thinking about. So, this week, we are going to start making small changes to your actions that will generate the confidence you are seeking.

We’re are focusing on how you show up everyday in the world. Those small choices that you think are insignificant are actually very significant. The way you dress and present yourself impacts your mood, but so many athletes don’t take advantage of this opportunity every minute to boost their confidence and wake up on the right side of the bed changing into those confident clothes.  Athletes save those special moments for special occasions– such as competition day. They don’t “wear” their ‘confident clothes’ because of fear of what others might think. That one leotard you love so much– you know the one! Your favorite gym tights. The makeup that makes you feel amazing in meets.

Showing up in the world in a way that appears like the athlete you want to be makes a huge difference in your daily workout.

When you think about this, it really makes sense. If you don’t like how you look or your body, if you don’t believe you are worth it or deserve to take up your space in  the world, it you don’t see your own uniqueness and beauty, then why would you bother showing up at all?

Choosing to wear something that you love– whether it’s your favorite scrunchie or your upcoming competition leotard, whether it’s the competition red lipstick or putting on that awesome sports bra– it’s all just a message to your body that you see it has capable and worth it and precious…because it is.

** I am not saying you should wear your competition leotard with full face makeup and hair to perfection so you can think everyone around you will think you are good enough. I’m encouraging you to wear what you love, or something you’ve wanted to dare to wear to workout.

This weeks challenge will walk you through the 2 simple steps into this boldness.

  1. Write a description of the kind of confidence you want to have– what does the athlete who has this confidence present? How does she carry herself? Is she powerful? Does she stand with her shoulders rolled back and head high? Does she walk with an extra bounce in her step? Imagine the athlete whose style you want to inhabit, and describe it here. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Think of one thing you can wear this week to feel more like yourself– in a way that makes you feel like your body is a beautiful, capable gift — the feeling that creates the person you just described above. . ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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Have a Flippin’ Awesome Day,


Amy Twiggs

Sports Performance & Weight Coach

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