Procrastinate Ahead of Time

Hey Athletes,

In the weekly virtual athletic group this month, we are talking about time and time management. So many athletes believe they are ready for a break after season is over. What if we challenged that belief? What if the moment season was over, we believed that now was the time to work hard on the front end so that next season we felt 100% prepared with our cue word choreography and our mental game and everything was perfectly prepared. Now is the time to really dive in and focus and find the affirmations and cue words and beliefs that will create some amazing routines for next year. What do you want to have in your routines a year from now? If you wait for your coach to tell you, then you will get default routines that show you only belief you are good enough to do what others think you are capable of doing. But, what about you? What if you decide now what needed to be done and work with your coach to create something extra spectacular and fun? What if you take control of your gymnastics experience and see what happens when you don’t wait for coaches to tell you what you are capable of and when you should be ready to show those skills? Why wait for anything or anyone when you are the only one who gets to enjoy these years of doing your sport?  Think about it. Why put off today those things that could create so much more for you in the future?

I want you to consider thinking the thoughts that you would have if your coach says, “it’s now or never.” You must go for this routine today or water it down. What do you do? What do you feel? What do you think? You feel pressure, you act or don’t act. You think either you’re capable or not. Why not put those thoughts that do create the results in the last minute and try them on right now. How would it feel to get those skills right now that you will need next year to go on to the next level– with those kinds of thoughts, you wouldn’t have them polished because procrastination does not create superior results, but the foundation would be set. The rest of the year you can refine and continue growing and working on other skills.

It’s the idea of procrastinating ahead of time. What is procrastinating? It’s putting off, delaying, or postponing something that could be done today. Why? Why do people do this?

Because some might believe they work better under pressure…”it has to be done, so it’ll get done”.  First of all, you don’t have to do anything, but that’s another topic for another day. The real question is, do you really work better under pressure? And what kind of work is done under pressure?

Why do athlete’s wait until the last minute to learn skills for competition season?

Because that time pressure sometimes helps them think thoughts that drive action quickly. It has nothing to do with the shortened time, but rather the thoughts about that time that drive the action of hurrying through an assignment or forcing yourself to DO something drastic in a short time.

But again, is this the kind of action you want?

Is that last minute preparation the kind of quality gymnastics you really want to be showing off?

Usually procrastination does not produce your most quality work in any area of your life. If it’s the time pressure that gets you moving, then why not choose to use that tool in reverse and do a model to create the pressure you need in order to do all the heavy work up front so you can relax when the meets come.

I remember coaches saying around October every year as a competitive athlete, “you should really have all those skills by now…competition season is coming up quick…we might have to water down those routines if you don’t get that combination…”

What if instead this year, you choose to pre-plan and pre-procrastinate and give yourself a deadline sooner for certain skills, combos, and routines.  A deadline like the end of summer so that the Fall season is spent refining and enjoying the upcoming Spring season.

How would that be different for you? Would it be worth the effort now to enjoy some moments of showing off later? I think so. But what matters is what you think.

If you are ready to stop procrastinating and start applying these tools, schedule a free coaching session at

Have a Flippin’ Awesome Day,

Amy Twiggs

Sports Performance & Life Coach

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