My Belief Boutique is NOW OPEN!

Hey Athletes-

I have a challenge for your mental core workout this week.

I recently opened my NEW Belief Boutique to my weekly online group of athletes and I want to be sure you get in on the amazing store goods too! In my Belief Boutique, I sell high-end beliefs to people who are ready to make a permanent lifestyle change!

My weekly group of athletes and I go shopping for new beliefs weekly and we love trying on the really expensive ones every week together. It’s our fun shopping spree. The coolest part is that everyone can afford all of them.  You look at the price tag and think, “no way.” This Parisian sweater is $10,000.00… but wait. Did you know you can’t pay money for these beliefs! The only currency is … discomfort. Most people would prefer to pay with money!

Where are you currently comfortable shopping?

Second-hand stores? If you say, “no”, then I want to ask you if you continue to wear the beliefs that you had on yesterday? Think of it. You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same sweater for a week straight, but we wear the same beliefs for years without changing!

Those second hand styles are the clothes you believe you can afford– just like the lifestyle that you believe you can afford right now.

When you are really ready to change, I do 1:1 coaching with clients and we challenge those cheap beliefs and I get you shopping in NY at all the high-end stores.

Last week, I was browsing around stores with my husband. We stopped by Tiffany’s. And you know what? I felt I owned anything in that store before I even walked in. Why?Can I afford them? That’s for me to decide right. I tried on the pieces I liked and ….the story gets to go wherever I continue to take it. We had a lot of fun.

But now…let’s talk about what you would want to try on if you believed you could afford and wanted any belief in my Belief Boutique? What if you looked at the price tag and thought, awesome, so much less than I thought it would cost me!

How does that thought feel?


What if we all believed we really were worth any value and could afford any belief?

What would you do differently?

How would you hold yourself?

How would you feel?

What kind of thoughts would you think about you?

I take my clients and we try on a variety– I love seeing what happens when a client tries on a high-end product and they walk around with a little extra energy in their step and twirl in front of the mirror like they were 10 again.

But, what happens?

They turn over the price tag and immediately take the belief off and tenderly put it back on the hanger and longingly hang it back on the rack. It’s the one piece highlighted in the front window that stood alone calling out to my client and they leave that store and walk away to a store they feel is more in their price range. The stores they have been shopping at since they were young.

Is this you?

Do you wish you could shop anywhere in the world?

Guess what? I own the Belief Boutique and I promise you, there is a size that fits everyone. A new belief that you never thought you could possibly afford just waiting for you to come enjoy and take home today!

I help you learn how to afford every single item in my boutique!

Not only that, but you learn to love trying on clothes again because they all fit perfectly– when you choose a high end belief, you actually can afford it…bc you have gone through the discomfort of letting go of the clothes that you don’t want to wear anymore.

Are you following?

Stop thinking you are only worth the second hand store beliefs. Stop believing the old beliefs that keep you right where you are right now.

Stop living in your past presently!

Let’s let those old beliefs go NOW!

Sometimes letting old beliefs go is harder than anything. Once you do some spring cleaning with your mental ward robe and finally decide that grandmas precious sweater isn’t really your style anymore, then you can move from the discount racks to the full price latest fads at the mall. The styles you think are just out of reach and eventually we get you wearing any belief you want and you make it look amazing every time you choose to wear it!

This is my New Belief Boutique and I welcome you to come shopping TODAY!

I am your personal assistant handing you the latest beliefs. I guide you from one style to another until we find the perfect fit for your style today. Everyone has one in my store waiting, hoping to be found and taken home.

I am here for you.

Just think of the possibilities!

Just go to and let’s go shopping at my NEW Belief Boutique today!

have a Flippin’ Awesome Week,

Amy Twiggs

Sports Performance, Certified Life & Weight Coach Click the Link below to get a FREE Belief today: Confidence Tips!

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