Hey Athletes,

This month we are working on how to use our time in practice wisely. Managing your time everyday will yield the success you want a year from now.

So, we went through 9 time saving tips for you to use.

Here they are:

  1. Think of time abundantly instead of believing there isn’t enough. You will not get more time by arguing with it. Time will win. There is enough time to do everything you want to do. Is this true? There is no upside to believing otherwise.
  2. Make Powerful, Strong Decisions. Making swift and powerful decisions are what I work on every week with my 1:1 clients…and guess what? They are creating amazing things constantly in their life. Winning competitions, nailing their routines, dropping time in swim meets, and so much more! Indecision is a dream stealer!
  3. Make a Plan! If you don’t have a plan, then you will wonder what happened to your day.
  4. Honor Your Plan! Put your plan on your calendar and then honor that calendar.
  5. Constrain. You cannot do 10 things at the same time without some sacrifice. Stop multi-tasking and pick 1 thing to do, finish it, then pick the next thing to do.
  6. Fail. Failure is the ONLY road to success. So embrace it.
  7. Say “no”. If you are a people pleaser, then you will waste time doing so many things that do not serve your higher good. Be very clear on what you want and why, then say no to things that don’t align.
  8. Take Massive Action (result-producing). Massive action simply means you don’t stop until you get the result you want.
  9. Be okay with B- work. That takes the perfectionism problem out and replaces it with excellence instead. Both are great, one will keep you stuck. B- work is still excellent work. Go for it and keep going for it even if it’s not perfect! Don’t stop because you might make a mistake!


Amy Twiggs

Sports Performance, Life & Weight Coach

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