Unstoppable Confidence Challenge Week 3

Hey Athletes-

Today we are going to learn how to fail on purpose. I know what you are thinking… “I don’t want to fail.”

Your brain is probably saying either:

  1. Failure makes me feel bad.
  2. Failure won’t get me what I want.

One huge pillar of Confidence is the willingness to FEEL anything, including failure, knowing it cannot harm you.

Most people are afraid of rejection and failure.


When you struggle with self-confidence you’re afraid to put yourself out there, and nothing is scarier than feeling that you are not succeeding at something you try.

But why is failing so scary?

It’s only scary because of the thought you have about what you might think about yourself and feel when you do get rejected or fail.

There is nothing really wrong or bad about failing or not succeeding.

Trying something new is the only way of growing. Doing a new drill, or being put into a new level of athletics usually means you will not know how to do everything that is required for immediate success.

So what is truly scary is just what you imagine you will think of yourself:

*See, I knew I wasn’t going to get it…

*Exactly what I was afraid of happened, I couldn’t keep up with the others…

*Everyone is staring at me…

By learning how to handle these natural thoughts without making them mean anything negative about you is one of the best ways of building resiliency and self-confidence!

If you have self-confidence, then you are also willing to try new things knowing you WILL probably fall flat on your face over and over and still get up for more…which is being resilient.

The challenge this week is to learn how to fail on purpose and then manage your mind around it. Managing your mind around failure will develop resilience. So, you are going to try to get rejected and/or fail at something. On purpose.

Here are some ideas:

*Ask for a workout list and double it

*Ask a coach if you can move to the next level

*Try something new you’ve never done before

*Learn a sentence in a new language

*Ask someone for their shoes

Try to fail on purpose and see what you do with the thoughts being offered by your brain.

Rejection and failure is a part of being human. You’re supposed to fail. When you succeed, that’s usually just because you were either lucky or got really good at failure.

Managing your thoughts around failure will increase your confidence exponentially.

Here’s the only caveat:

You must choose something that is outside your comfort zone. If you already know you will succeed at the challenge, then choose something else. Choose something that frightens you because of what you would make it mean about you if you could fail. Then, do that.


  1. Ask for something with the intention of getting rejected

or failing?

  1. What might you normally think if you get rejected or fail

in this way?

  1. How might you normally feel when you think this way?
  2. What can you choose to think instead of that thought?
  3. How will you feel if you choose the new empowering


*Bonus: If you happen to succeed when you try to fail, then try to fail a second time! This exercise alone will create limitless confidence!

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Have a Flippin’ Awesome week,

Amy Twiggs,

Sports Performance & Weight Coach


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