Confidence Challenge Week 2

Hey Athletes

Today we are going to complete an accomplishments list. I know what you are thinking… “I don’t want to write down all my accomplishments.” Your brain is probably saying either:

  1. I haven’t accomplished anything significant.
  2. All my accomplishments are small or don’t count.

Some of you will want to believe those thoughts, but here’s the deal…. I don’t. I am not here to teach you how to continue believing negative thoughts.

No matter who you are, you have accomplished some great things already in your life.

Did you graduate from middle-school? (that can be a nightmare) ….high school?… Done? Accomplished!

Did you move up a level in your sport this year? Done? Accomplished!

Did you get up today and get dressed? Done? Accomplished!

The reason you think you haven’t accomplished anything significant doesn’t make you feel better about yourself. What it does do is reinforce your brains beliefs of reservations, doubts, and undermining comments. But we are now going to stop doing that.

Week 2 Unstoppable Confidence Challenge:

Today I want you to, not just make a list of all that things you have accomplished in your life, but I want you to be as neutral as possible as you write them down. So, you are not allowed to write, “I won the gold medal last year at state meet because I worked really hard even though I wasn’t really that great.” Instead, you will just write, “I won the gold.” That’s it. That’s your accomplishment. It’s a fact and it’s true. So, go ahead and enjoy writing a list of all your accomplishments!













Now read over this list and decide how you feel about each one.

Remember that a feeling is one word that describes a sensation in your body. Strong. Powerful. Determined. Proud. Focused.  Those are all feelings. “I just feel like I didn’t deserve it” is not a feeling. That’s just another thought. So, read the list, and then write a one word feeling that describes a physical feeling you have when you read it. I’ll bet it feels better than your normal thoughts. And it should.

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Have a Flippin’ Awesome week,

Amy Twiggs,

Sports Performance Coach



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While coaches prepare an athlete physically, I prepare them mentally. So, when a coach says to an athlete, “You are ready”, then the athletes believes 100% they are ready as well. If an athlete says, “I can do this” without truly believing she/he can, then she/he is essentially trying to slam a revolving door. Failure is guaranteed. Instead of a question mark at then end of the phrase “I can do this”, I teach athletes how to add the exclamation point! My joy is to help every athlete find potential. We take a closer look at the belief systems of athletes and how those thoughts are holding them back and creating their current results. I believe that every athlete deserves to feel passionate about what they truly want. Need help becoming the super-athlete in your sport? Go to to learn more about my online weekly program for athletes.

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