Hey Athletes-

I have a challenge for your mental core workout this week.

When we talk about the motivational triad, we can imagine it like a triangle or a triangular shaped boomerang– it’s thrown out, if you are not watching for it, it might come back and hit you in the head. The 3 points of the “boomerang” are the 3 parts of the motivational triad: 1. Avoid Pain 2. Seek Pleasure 3. Use very little energy.

If  you are trying on new beliefs, then here is an exercise that might be helpful:

  1. Catch the thoughts that are coming from that motivational triad (the survival or downstairs brain).
  2. Write those thoughts down.
  3. Write which motivation the survival brain is working from.
  4. Then, write the opposite thought down.
  5. Ask yourself, “If the opposite were true, and if I believed it, then how could that be better for my long-term happiness than the original thought? (the thought offered by your survival brain)

Now, this may seem confusing, but let’s give an example:

  1. If you caught yourself thinking: “This workout assignment is too hard!” (naturally if you think a thought like this, you will feel maybe overwhelmed and then not want to do the assignment, which will create an experience of more overwhelm because you are getting farther behind on the level you want to be)
  2. Write the sentence down: “This workout assignment is too hard!”
  3. Write which part of the motivational triad your brain is using: Use very little energy. If I feel overwhelmed, then I would want to do anything and that will not use any energy. (could be any of the 3)
  4. Write the opposite down: “This workout assignment isn’t hard.” or “This workout assignment is exactly what I need.”
  5. If I believed the new thought, how could that be better for my long-term happiness?
    1. If I believed the “assignment isn’t hard” then I might feel capable and start working on getting the assignment done– which will get me closer to my long-term athletic goals and success.
    2. If I believed the “assignment is exactly what I need” then I might feel determined and focus on one part at a time to master and complete, then the next part and the next part until the assignment is complete. If I do that, the I will be learning the skills, drills, and strength necessary to become the athlete I want to become– it will have been exactly what I needed to get me closer to my goals.

Can you see how this challenge is like a boomerang? The thoughts that go out and come right back at you– if you want to come back to help you and not hit you in the head, then you must be prepared to catch them and use them for your enjoyment!

Hope this helps you!

have a Flippin’ Awesome Week,

Amy Twiggs

Sports Performance

Certified Life & Weight Coach


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