My name is Amy.

All you need to know about me is this:

I have Mind Ninja Skills. They work over the phone. If you are struggling to get that competitive edge, give me ten minutes on the phone, and we’ll make change happen.


I used to believe that Positive Affirmations were the solution To EVERYTHING

Hesitating? Create an affirmation
Failure? Create an affirmation
Overwhelmed? Create an affirmation
Burned Out, Injured, Mentally Stuck, Unable to talk to Coaches/Owners, Lost the Love of the Game? AFFIRMATION.

But all those affirmations didn’t solve anything.

In fact, they made me question my capability inside and outside my sport. I was full of frustration and burdened by disappointment.
I tried EVERYTHING to change.
I went to sports psychologists.
I worked with sports nutritionists.
I met with sports therapists.
I did visualization.
I created cue words.

I thought I was ready to break up with my sport.
I thought real change was impossible.
I thought success and gold medals were for someone else.
Then I learned the truth.
But, it didn’t come until…
After I was done with my personal career in sports.
I learned that my failures were driven by my thoughts. I needed new cognitive tools.

Not the tools everyone else was teaching…these were different. It wasn’t just about not thinking positive and writing affirmations.
It was about WHY…
And WHAT I didn’t know.

I was able to do what I never imagined was possible for me… change my mindset around my life.
I lost regret.
I learned to let go of shame.
I created a life that is now MAJOR LEAGUE level in EVERY WAY.
I want to show you how to do the same thing.

If it’s possible for me. It’s possible for you. I’m not more capable than you. I just have REAL Mindset Tools that Actually Work!

Are You Ready?

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Amy Twiggs

Life Coach & #1 Best Selling Author


#1 Best Selling Author Amy Twiggs is a wife and a mother of four teenagers. She is a former elite athlete and, in 1993, she was a member of the National Women’s Gymnastics Team. She is a former USAG Judge & Collegiate Sports Commentator. For the last 20 years, Amy has devoted her professional career to helping high performing athletes move beyond their mental limits in sports.

As an elite athlete, she knows intimately the stress of burnout, the pressure of performing week after week, the pain of injury, the passion to win, and the greatest obstacle of the mind. She knows the insatiable desire to have that competitive edge and teaches the innovative mind-blowing tools to get exactly that.

Coaching pro athletes who consider themselves at the top of their game is exactly who Amy gravitates towards. Why? Because Amy believes there is no top.


She received a full-ride athletic scholarship from Stanford University where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a focus in Health & Development, and has been trained at The Life Coach School. Mental Training is her passion. Amy’s education has provided many opportunities for her to give back to athletes. She has spent her life helping high performing athletes in a variety of settings gain the edge they want above their competitors.

The Competitive Edge is Yours for the Taking

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