AAA Changes

Hey Athlete-

Here is a quick mental core tip for you this week:

If you want to make a permanent change, then try my AAA process: Aware, Accept, Apply– 

  1. Aware: Recognize that your circumstances are separate from your thoughts. Your thoughts are what give meaning to every circumstance in your life.
  1. Accept: Own that your thoughts have created all of your life experiences and results. You may not like the circumstances. The thought, “I don’t like it” will create a more negative overall life experience. You can choose any thought. They are all available to you.
  1. Apply: Once you are aware of your thoughts and belief systems AND you accept that you are the one in charge of those decisions, then, and only then should you try to create a lasting change. If you work to change your habits without understanding what caused them in the first place, then you will most likely fall back into your old default beliefs when emotions are intense.

It’s like finally realizing the road that you have been driving on to get home from workout everyday. Then, acknowledging that you always choose that road for whatever reasons. Finally, deciding to take a new road.

The new road will feel different and inconvenient and uncomfortable…but, it might just be the perfect road to get you to the destination you really want! 

Try it out. See what you think. And if you want help applying this tool, schedule a quick, free strategy call at

Have a Flippin’ Awesome week,

Amy Twiggs,

Sports Performance Coach

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While coaches prepare an athlete physically, I prepare them mentally. So, when a coach says to an athlete, “You are ready”, then the athletes believes 100% they are ready as well. If an athlete says, “I can do this” without truly believing she/he can, then she/he is essentially trying to slam a revolving door. Failure is guaranteed. Instead of a question mark at then end of the phrase “I can do this”, I teach athletes how to add the exclamation point! My joy is to help every athlete find potential. We take a closer look at the belief systems of athletes and how those thoughts are holding them back and creating their current results. I believe that every athlete deserves to feel passionate about what they truly want. Need help becoming the super-athlete in your sport? Go to to learn more about

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