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Your Mind is the most powerful tool in any sport. Your mind is the only thing that can OVERCOME obstacles & is also what makes something an obstacle. A great sports performance coach shows you your mind in a way you have never known before. A great Coach gives you all of your power to create any result you want and get out of every struggle you encounter immediately. They tell you the truth even when it’s hard. A great Coach teaches you HOW to generate LIMITLESS CONFIDENCE on and off the field. If you don’t have a Sports Performance Life Coach, then you are FORFEITING YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE

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What Clients Are Saying

She’s basically like my therapist. I’m better equipped to handle baseball’s inevitable failure, and hopeful some new ways of thinking will help him deliver on the field. This is a big year for me to try to keep my mind right. She really helps me. She always tells me: she’s not my friend, she’s there to let me know her opinion and then be real with me. I feel like I’m in a better frame of mind–the best frame of mind I’ve been in since I can remember. Whether it’s interactions with some people, things that happened on the field, maybe a couple of failures that I had–just getting over them, because I could never get over them. Looking back, I wish I could have, but I just didn’t know how to. She gave me the tools to do that. She’s really big on sitting on those feelings. Realizing how it makes you feel and once you identify those feelings, then it’s easy to change that feeling into something more positive. I could tell her anything without feeling as though I had to hold back. It felt good to be able to do that. I feel better-equipped to handle the ups and downs between the lines. I feel like I’ve definitely changed.

Pro Athlete

Before meeting with Amy, my mind and how I viewed my situation was holding me back. Talking with Amy, I was able to gain a new perspective on the excuses and lies I was telling myself, and after implementing the tools, I really grew as an athlete. I had the meet of my life at Conference and my confidence and value in myself is higher than it has ever been. I have ditched the feeling sorry for myself attitude and took up the I am going to do whatever it takes attitude. My mindset has changed tremendously. After a crappy turn, I reset and see there is no such thing as a crappy turn. I realized that I have the power to change my mindset and think that maybe that previous turn was exactly what I needed to make this next turn the turn of my life. It has given me more efficient practices and allowed me to see what quality over quantity really means.I have talked to a handful of sport psychologist in the past and even took a college class on sport psychology for the college athlete. None of them compared to what Amy has taught me. All of my past experiences resulted in dozens of visualization and relaxation methods and never really getting to the bottom of the actual issue. Although the relaxation methods do help some, none of their techniques led to the fresh new perspective Amy has produced in my life. Talking to her for just a half hour has changed my life and I can not express with enough words how much she has given to me. I also am no longer in as much pain as I have learned how to control the power of my injury by not letting it shut me down like it has in the past. I get to take it with me and grow stronger because of it.

Competitive Athlete

I just wanted to say thank you to Amy for helping me through my fear to get my confidence back. Going into my meeting with her, I was worried that there was going to be nothing she could do to help me, but she worked with me and we came up with a small change that made such a huge difference! She’s truly amazing to work with and helped me become the best that I could be this season! Before talking with Amy, I wasn’t confident. I experienced two injuries earlier this year. I was scared of getting hurt again. When talking with Amy, we came up with something I could do going into my dismount every time that kept my mind off the actual dismount itself. Now I can confidently go for the dismount in my routine every time! I feel my gymnastics has become cleaner and more consistent since talking with Amy because I have gained so much more confidence and I am able to focus on the corrections I am being given rather than my fear. I am able to focus on this word rather than focusing on my fear of the dismount. This has helped me feel so much more confident and I will continue to use this at every practice! Going forward, if I am ever scared of another skill, I know I can use the same strategy to help me work through that fear and gain confidence in that skill as well. In the past, I tried to work through fear on my own, and I would become overwhelmed because I would put so much pressure on myself to figure out what I was doing wrong. I tried to just push the fear aside without acknowledging it as a real thing, but I didn’t have much success ignoring it. However while working with Amy, we focused in on what fear really is and only focused on changing the things that I could control. We came up with realistic things I could do and say to myself to deal with my fear and give me confidence. This was different than what I was used to because all of the other strategies I had tried focused on big changes that weren’t realistic and just led to me being overwhelmed when it wasn’t working.

Collegiate Athlete

Well, unfortunately our season came to an end much earlier than expected. We did not qualify to Nationals as a team - but I am proud to say that while this would have literally lead me to suicide a year ago, I have been able to CONTROL MY THOUGHTS! And take AHOLD of my circumstances. And know this is just what our program needs right now. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to get to the top. Amy Twiggs is absolutely incredible. I was at a standstill in helping some of my athletes get through some mental and physical barriers. In truly one 30-minute session, she helped me understand my athletes better... and help my athletes control their thoughts better. We are so thankful for Amy Twiggs! So many times, we have tried mental training that has just caused our athletes to over-think and over-analyze even more. It has been extremely difficult for them to buy-in to mental training because of this. After working with Amy, there was no over-analyzing or no over-thinking. It was just the opposite. You saw the athlete take control of their thoughts and have so much more confidence. Truly everyone who worked with you, changed immediately after their session with you.

Head Coach